Non-Profit “Christian” Organizations: Part of the Church?

A Case Study On Christian Community Action (CCA), Lewisville, TX: 

Should 5013-C Organizations Be Permitted to Bear the Name”Christian” for Marketing Purposes Even If Such Organizations Are Not Managed By Church Leadership?
CCA – website –

I am just a Christian man.  Though the term “Christian” literally means, “Christ-like”, I do not in any way claim to be similar to Jesus, by his standard of holiness.  In fact, the only part of me that is holy is Christ who is in me, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God, my Heavenly Father. 

I started this blog with one purpose:  To remind all of us (Christians) that even in our struggle, we are greater than he who is in the world.  We have nothing to fear, nothing to condemn, nothing to hide, which has not already been resolved by our Lord.  None of us are perfect. None of us are better than another.  We all make mistakes and all have been forgiven by grace through our faith in Christ, which will thankfully result in our repentance according to our obedience to His word.  We all struggle with the tug-of-war between body, soul, and spirit a war between our spirit and our flesh.  We all do things that we should not do and do not do things that we should do.  And all of us Christians mature at different rates and different levels.  Yet, we are one body, with Christ as the head.  All of these truths we know by the Word of God.  

Recently, I encountered a sequence of events carried out by a so-named “Christian” organization, Christian Community Action, CCA for short, a 5013-C non-profit organization with the purpose of helping those in need and living in poverty, Christian and non-Christian alike.  CCA serves individuals in Denton County and surrounding areas of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  I will not reveal who I spoke with at this organization or the details of my numerous encounters with organization executives, management, and staff / volunteers.

I do not wish to cause any disruption to the good services that CCA provides to the community or to my brothers and sisters who work there.  Some of my brothers and sisters at CCA have offended me.  I discussed the offenses in private with those individuals, but there was no resolution.  It is my duty, as a brother, in Christ, to expose any wrongdoing that is happening at CCA, a large 5013-C organization operating as a “Christian” organization.  I want to bring this issue to the light so that others will be aware of changes that should take place to ensure that CCA does not lead people astray due to any unintended neglegence that may occur as a result of lack of biblical counsel by CCA management.

Before I continue, please know that it is my opinion that CCA has helped tens of thousands of individuals over the years in too many ways to list.  The organization, undoubtedly has become an exemplary representative of non-profit community assistance centers in the DFW area.  And if CCA did not bear the name “Christian” (Christian Community Action) and by name, represent a “Christian Community”, I would not take issue with Christian Community Action. 

Secular organizations, in my opinion should not be held to the same standard as Christian organizations.  However, as soon as you attach the word “Christian”, the non-profit organization should be held to the standard of a church (congregation / fellowship / ministry / outreach) and should be led under pastoral / elder care, by individuals called by God to serve in His church as ministers of His Word.  To make my point more clear, let me describe it this way:  If we Christians are to be leaders in the Christian Church (the body of Christ, as described in the New Testament of the Holy Bible), we should strive to lead our ministries as the bible teaches us to, according to the spiritual direction of the Holy Spirit.  Christian Community Action, being a nominally self-described Christian organization, should be led by pastors, elders, teachers (of scripture), evangelists, ministers, deacons, etc.  CCA should not be led by MBAs and Harvard graduates, unless they are called by God to serve as leaders in the church (body of Christ). 

You will know them by their fruit.  Is the organization being managed as the bible instructs?  Is the focus about Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and our Holy Father, in Heaven?  Are the leaders of CCA biblically equipped?  Did they attend bible college or seminary (not that this is a requirement, but…)?  Are any ordained ministers?  Have any dedicated their work to the Lord, first, as He instructed in the bible?  Or are CCA executives and management Christian men and women (like me) who simply want to do “good works”. Good works should be commended (by God).  However, there are a number of organizations around the world that do wonderful things for communities and entire societies.  However, to bear the name “Christian”, as does Christian Community Action, should not the organization be managed as the scriptures dictate, just as the church is to be managed? Sure, some may say, “every church is run differently”.  True, but most agree on the basic principles of church leadership and order in the church, which is to say that the organization is managed based on biblical standards, not business school standards.

I am starting this blog to help make a difference in one organization that has a lot of potential to change thousands of lives… not just in a way that helps its staff and volunteers feel good about their hard work to help those in need, but far more importantly to help those individuals that serve under the name “Christian Community Action” do so as Christ loved the church, placing themselves in a lesser position with one goal in mind:  To know that they are the only form of salt and light in a world that is suffering – to change help change lives for eternity, by the power of the Holy Spirit! 

If Cristian Community Action (CCA) desides not to change the structure of its organization to become a truly “Christian” organization (managed by church pastors and elders), then I would suggest that it change its name as soon as possible. Why?:  Each time a person in need encounters a volunteer/worker at CCA whose job function is not managed under church leadership, the person in need (seeking help from a “Christian” organization) will associate their experience as a “Christian” experience.  If CCA workers/volunteers are “just doing their job” (not managed by biblical counsel or pastoral leadership), they may be very helpful in terms of providing relief to the person in need, but if the CCA worker/volunteer is not displaying the love of Christ in their communication, then the person in need will walk away with a “Christian” encounter not carried out by the body of Christ as the bible prescribes (not managed by church leaders).  


Christian Community Action (CCA) Executives

Scott Orr

Cyndi Denham
President’s Assistant

Tammy Wallace
Chief Financial Officer

Kathie Gautille
VP Marketing

Jennifer Leney
Chief Operating Officer

Christian Community Action (CCA) Management

Doris Scales
Clinic Director

Financial Donations
Call 972-219-4318
Pamela Ducas
Development Director

Media Contact
Call 972-219-4382
Lauri Nack
Marketing and Events Specialist

Krystle Boise at 972-219-4382 or

•Building supplies – Contact Seth Harrison, 972-219-4353,
•Carpeting – Contact Seth Harrison, 972-219-4353,
•Computer hardware and software – Contact Fernando Heredia,

•Furnishings – Contact Seth Harrison, 972-219-4353,
•Heating and cooling equipment – Contact Seth Harrison, 972

•Nonperishable and perishable food – Contact Trent Smith,

972-219-4346 or
•Office supplies and equipment – Contact Seth Harrison, 972

•Vehicles – Contact Scheduling, 972-219-4304
•Warehouse equipment – Contact Fernando Heredia, 972-219-



Christian Community Action (CCA) Board of Directors

Nick Panza, Chairman
Jeffery D. Price, Vice Chair
Cory A. Strange, Treasurer
Elaine Emery, Secretary
Tom Black
Bill Cavalle
Bob Day
Tamra Deuser, MD
Mario Flores
Marvin Franklin
Andy Gabehart
Steve Griffin
Ken Hughes
Gina Johnson
Rhonda Loving
Joseph Moore
Pia Pena
David Porter
Morris Salerno
Jeff Schuetts
J. Terry Smith
Doug Welch
Jill Carter Welke


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